[PATCH v4 00/26] ARM: pxa: magician: Rework HTC Magician support

Pavel Machek pavel at ucw.cz
Tue Oct 6 08:25:27 PDT 2015


> This patchset will clean, fix, optimize and add multiple devices,
> which can be found on the HTC Magician machine.
> Platform data for the pasic3-leds driver has been removed, as this
> driver do not exist in the vanilla. And it is expected to be recreated
> in the future with an incompatible platform data structure.
> Default setting of the Samsung LCD pixel clock period has been
> increased, so resulting frequency is 50Hz (original 117Hz). Period
> can be possibly incresed even more. At this moment there is no video
> player with IWMMXT support and software only versions cannot make it
> to 30fps. Frequency decreasing has a good impact to memory troughtput
> as LCD controller does not do as many memory bursts as at original
> speed. This was verified with the lat_mem_rd from the lmbench3.
> The Omnivision OV9640 camera has a problem with running on 400kHz
> of the I2C clock. It seems it freezes the bus until PXA I2C driver
> reload. Datasheet says it OK on 400kHz though. There may be some
> compatibility bug in the PXA I2C driver as Omnivision cameras often
> uses special I2C protocol (SCCB).
> Using the CPU frequency scaling (with help of an MAX1587A regulator)
> sometimes causes an SoC failure. It is probably related to the PXA27x
> erratum E37, E36, E80 or E89. Infreqent changes mostly works.

Nice to see work done on a cellphone...

Seeing all the GPIO name changes... would it be possible / make sense
to make to device tree one day?

What userspace do you run on the phone? Can it do calls?

[I have N900 here, kernel is in pretty good state, and I have Mate desktop
running with python application for calls, but...]

Thanks (a pozdrav :-),

> STUART removal is a prepare for:
> 	net: irda: pxaficp_ir: dmaengine conversion
> Function was tested on the board_id 0x3a version (specifically on
> the T-Mobile MDA compact).
> Changes from v3:
>  * Nontrivial rebase for indentation fixup (EGPIO and PXA UDC)
> Petr Cvek (26):
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Fix indentation in machine files
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Change comments to be more informative
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Print more specific error message for global
>     GPIOs
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Optimize debug messages for LCD power
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Change description of LCD power GPIO
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Add new discovered EGPIO pins
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Fix HTC Magician pin mux definitions
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Rename abstract LCD GPIOs
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Optimize powerup delays for Samsung LCD
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Optimize Samsung LCD refresh to 50Hz
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Optimize EGPIO initial values
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Rename charger cable detection EGPIOs
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Fix and add charging detection functions
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Fix platform data for both PXA27x I2C controllers
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Fix redundant GPIO request for pxaficp_ir
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Fix support for Intel Strata NOR Flash
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Fix wrongly enabled USB host ports
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Add support for ADS7846
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Add support for Omnivision OV9640 camera
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Add support for MAX1587A Vcore regulator
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Add support for PXA27x UDC
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Remove pdata for pasic3-leds
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Remove definition of the STUART port
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Add debug message for backlight brightness
>     function
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Add missing regulator for PWM backlight
>   ARM: pxa: magician: Move platform_add_devices() to the end of
>     magician_init()
>  arch/arm/mach-pxa/include/mach/magician.h |  70 ++-
>  arch/arm/mach-pxa/magician.c              | 907 +++++++++++++++++++++---------
>  2 files changed, 678 insertions(+), 299 deletions(-)
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