[PATCH 3/6] regulator: core: create unlocked version of regulator_list_voltage

Mark Brown broonie at kernel.org
Thu Oct 1 04:29:26 PDT 2015

On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 11:36:03PM +0100, Mark Brown wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 04:05:43PM +0200, Sascha Hauer wrote:
> > The unlocked version will be needed when we start propagating voltage
> > changes to the supply regulators.
> I'm now wondering why we have a locked _list_voltage() in the first
> place...  it *should* be a pure function that doesn't need any locking.
> I'll check tomorrow if there are any users who care but if there aren't
> the change here is probably to remove the locking entirely.

Hrm, looks like there's one that *might* need it - let's go with this
for now, we can always fix up later.
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