[PATCH v12] Add Mediatek thermal support

Sascha Hauer s.hauer at pengutronix.de
Mon Nov 30 03:42:30 PST 2015

This series adds support for the thermal sensors included in the
MT8173 SoC. Currently only basic temperature reading is supported
without any interrupt support.

The cpufreq driver for MT8173 is currently under review, so there's no
real cooling device available in mainline. Until this is available the
thermal driver can be tested with the following dts snippet. It creates
a fake gpio fan and a fake trip point which is so low that it can easily
be reached with a "cat /dev/zero > /dev/null" on the command line.


Changes since v11:
- Fix usage of uninitialized variable gcc didn't warn about

changes since v10:
- Some style cleanup
- Add comment to make clear why we use the sensors in banks even if we
  currently only use the maximum of all banks

changes since v9:
- rebase on v4.3
- Add support for reading the calibration values from nvmem fuses
- Only register a single thermal zone instead of four as it seems
  that's everything needed

changes since v8:
- Add commit description to binding patch
- rebase on v4.3-rc2

changes since v7:
- re-add some used defines removed in v5
- Use MT8173_THERMAL_ZONE_* defines as array indices in static initializers

changes since v6:
- remove dot in Hanyi Wus name

changes since v5:
- update copyright
- remove unused defines

Changes since v4:
- give calibration constants more meaningful names (offset, slope)
- Use define instead of 0x00c for register access.

Changes since v3:
- add include/dt-bindings/thermal/mt8173.h for to be able to use sensor names
  in dts files
- fix disabling wrong clock in error path
- remove now unused reset-names property from binding document
- rename MT8173_NUM_BANKS -> MT8173_NUM_ZONES
- rename struct thermal_zone_device *tz -> struct thermal_zone_device *tzd

Changes since v2:
- sort #includes alphabetically
- Add prefix to register defines
- drop some members from struct mtk_thermal
- simplify raw_to_mcelsius()
- add and use more register bit defines
- use device_reset() instead of devm_reset_control_get()/reset_control_reset()
- misc other stuff

Changes since v1:
- Use "mediatek," prefix for custom properties
- Drop "thermal: consistently use int for temperatures" dependency


	fan: gpio_fan {
		compatible = "gpio-fan";
		gpios = <&pio 24 0>;
		gpio-fan,speed-map = <0    0
				      4500 1>;
		#cooling-cells = <2>;

	thermal-zones {
			cpu_thermal: cpu_thermal {
			polling-delay-passive = <1000>; /* milliseconds */
			polling-delay = <1000>; /* milliseconds */

			thermal-sensors = <&thermal>;

			trips {
				cpu_passive: cpu_passive {
					temperature = <47000>; /* millicelsius */
					hysteresis = <2000>; /* millicelsius */
					type = "passive";

				cpu_crit {
					temperature = <90000>; /* millicelsius */
					hysteresis = <2000>; /* millicelsius */
					type = "critical";

			cooling-maps {
				map0 {
					trip = <&cpu_passive>;
					cooling-device = <&fan THERMAL_NO_LIMIT THERMAL_NO_LIMIT>;

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