[RFC/PATCH] arm: do not skip SMP init calls on SMP_ON_UP case

Nikita Yushchenko nyushchenko at dev.rtsoft.ru
Mon Nov 30 00:25:15 PST 2015

28.11.2015 14:13, Nikita Yushchenko пишет:
>>> Not sure I understand logic behind this. With the current code,
>>> resulting cpu_possible_mask depends on CONFIG_SMP_ON_UP:
>>> - if it is set, cpu_possible_mask contains (0 1), as initialized in
>>> arm_dt_init_cpu_maps()
>>> - if it is not set, cpu_possible_mask contains (0), since
>>> imx_smp_init_cpus() removes 1 from there.
>> Right, adding debug to arch/arm/kernel/setup.c, just before the
>> "if (is_smp())" shows:
>> is_smp() 0 possible 3 present 1 online 1
>> which is totally wrong: if is_smp() is false, we should not be setting
>> up any possible CPUs.  See a patch below to fix that.
>> However, this doesn't matter much, because the code in setup.c won't
>> initialise the SMP operations struct ...
> But cpu start code is not the only place in the kernel that uses cpu_present_mask.
> Are you sure that running with invalid cpu_present_mask has no side effects?

At least LTP suite does not like it:
while running /opt/ltp/runtest/cpuhotplug, we see things like the above

tag=cpuhotplug02 stime=1446628761
cmdline="cpuhotplug02.sh -c 1 -l 1"
Name:   cpuhotplug02
Date:   Wed Nov  4 09:19:21 UTC 2015
Desc:   What happens to a process when its CPU is offlined?

CPU is 1
/opt/ltp/testcases/bin/cpuhotplug_hotplug.sh: line 76: echo: write error:
Function not implemented
cpuhotplug02 1 TBROK : CPU1 cannot be onlined
duration=1 termination_type=exited termination_id=2 corefile=no
cutime=4 cstime=6

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