[PATCH 1/1] kconfig: add CPU endian selection beconfig and leconfig

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Fri Nov 27 07:59:24 PST 2015

On Thursday 26 November 2015 11:59:55 Scott Branden wrote:
> @@ -151,6 +159,8 @@ help:
>         @echo  '  kvmconfig       - Enable additional options for kvm guest kernel support'
>         @echo  '  xenconfig       - Enable additional options for xen dom0 and guest kernel support'
>         @echo  '  tinyconfig      - Configure the tiniest possible kernel'
> +       @echo  '  beconfig        - Update current config to use big endian CPU'
> +       @echo  '  leconfig        - Update current config to use little endian CPU'

Most architectures don't actually support picking the endianess, I think
it would be better to keep this architecture specific in some form. If we
limit it to ARM/ARM64, we might not need the leconfig target at all, because
that is the default for all defconfig files in the kernel aside from ixp4xx,
which we can probably ignore here.


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