[RFC2 PATCH v6 00/19] ILP32 for ARM64

Andreas Schwab schwab at suse.de
Mon Nov 23 08:49:27 PST 2015

Yury Norov <ynorov at caviumnetworks.com> writes:

> v6:
>  - time_t, __kenel_off_t and other types turned to be 32-bit
>    for compatibility reasons (after v5 discussion);
>  - related changes applied to ILP32 syscall table and handlers;
>  - ILP32 VDSO code excluded. It's not mandatory, and caused questions
>    during review process. We definitely make sure we will follow up
>    with a VDSO later on because it is needed for performance reasons;
>  - fixed build issues with different combinations of AARCH32 / ILP32
>    enabling in config;
>  - ILP32 TLS bug fixed;
>  - entry32-common.S introduced to hold wrappers needed for both ILP32
>    and AARCH32_EL0;
>  - documentation updated according to latest changes;
>  - rebased to the current head;
>  - coding style re-checked;
>  - ILP32 syscall table turned around.

For some reason signal frame setup has been broken with this
incarnation.  I'm seeing x30 == 0 on entry to the signal handler.


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