[linux-sunxi] [PATCH] spi: dts: sun4i: Add support for inter-word wait cycles using the SPI Wait Clock Register

Marcus Weseloh mweseloh42 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 05:56:34 PST 2015

Hi Julien,

2015-11-20 11:12 GMT+01:00 Julian Calaby <julian.calaby at gmail.com>:
> Having magic numbers is kind-of a drivers' job.

Yes, of course. What I meant was that I didn't feel comfortable to
include this magic number in driver code because I'm not 100% sure if
it is correct across all SPI configurations and SoCs that this driver
supports (A10 / A20).

> (and the wdelay should
> arguably be a core-spi thing, not a sunxi thing, but that's a separate
> discussion)

I've been thinking about that, but it seemed to big a change to
attempt with my limited kernel hacking experience.

Mark, do you think we should rather talk about adding support for
options like this delay to spi-core? Or would it be OK to add it to
the sun4i driver and possibly refactor later?



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