[PATCH v3] ARM: xip: Use correct symbol for end of ROM marker

Chris Brandt Chris.Brandt at renesas.com
Wed Nov 18 12:00:05 PST 2015

>> Are you saying I should first submit a patch that simply adds the
>> new file, but not hook it up to any Makefiles yet?
>> Then, once it has been updated a few times and is in better shape,
>> I submit another patch that hooks it up with the Makefiles so I can
>> then finally remove the XIP_KERNEL parts from the current
>> vmlinux.lds.S?
> Well... I'm of the opinion now that the first patch should be the
> creation of the new script being a copy of the original with the
> XIP conditionals removed from both, plus the makefile changes. That
> should be easy to verify that nothing changed result wise, and then
> additional patches could bring XIP efinements on top without
> disturbing the non-XIP case.
> Nicolas

OK. I'm good with that. I'll submit a patch and see what happens.


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