[PATCH v3 38/62] arm/acpi: Add placeholder for efi and acpi load address

Julien Grall julien.grall at citrix.com
Wed Nov 18 03:56:19 PST 2015

On 18/11/15 03:01, Shannon Zhao wrote:
> "All above tables will be mapped to Dom0 non-RAM space. Since when
> booting through ACPI it doesn't need the grant table region(see below
> section 3), it could use this region to store the tables or use the same
> way to find one memory region to store them."
> Firstly, as Jan suggested, these tables should not be in RAM space, so
> we drop the previous way that copying these tables to Dom0 RAM.
> Then I suggested map these tables to the space after the Dom0 RAM space,
> but this not right because Dom0 RAM region might be at the edge of
> physical RAM space and there might be device MMIO regions.
> Then you suggest it could map these tables to the region which is used
> for grant table(or the region found by the same way) while it's not used
> when it boots with ACPI. These regions are not used by Xen and will not
> be used by Dom0 either currently. But as you say, it will be wrong if
> Dom0 memory is not 1:1 mapped.

Will you remember in 6 months why you wrote the code like that?

My point on the previous mail is you don't describe what you did,
neither in the code nor in the commit message.

Most of the place in the code are trying to avoid the assumption that
DOM0 is using direct mapped. If not, we always have a comment/commit
message explaining why we are doing like that and the implication (see
the grant table example [1]).

> So how about below idea:
> We still copy these tables to Dom0 RAM space but when we create
> EFI_MMAP_TABLE, we remove the space occupied by these tables from the
> EfiConventionalMemory descriptor.

As you don't need the grant table region, why don't you re-use it fopr
your tables? It may also be possible that we have some space just after
for the EFI table.



Julien Grall

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