[PATCH v6 14/19] arm64:ilp32: add sys_ilp32.c and a separate table (in entry.S) to use it

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Tue Nov 17 13:57:52 PST 2015

On Wednesday 18 November 2015 00:16:54 Yury Norov wrote:
> From: Andrew Pinski <apinski at cavium.com>
> Add a separate syscall-table for ILP32, which dispatches either to native
> LP64 system call implementation or to compat-syscalls, as appropriate.

I like it much better than the previous version, thanks for the rework!

However, it seems that you accidentally have a lot more redirects
than you should have:

> +/* Using non-compat syscalls where necessary */
> +#define compat_sys_fadvise64_64        sys_fadvise64_64
> +#define compat_sys_fallocate           sys_fallocate
> +#define compat_sys_ftruncate64         sys_ftruncate
> +#define compat_sys_pread64             sys_pread64
> +#define compat_sys_pwrite64            sys_pwrite64
> +#define compat_sys_readahead           sys_readahead

Makes sense. These of course all require the respective changes
in glibc as discussed in the thread regarding loff_t handling.

> +#define compat_sys_rt_sigaction        sys_rt_sigaction
> +#define compat_sys_shmat               sys_shmat

What's special about compat_sys_shmat?

> +#define compat_sys_sync_file_range     sys_sync_file_range
> +#define compat_sys_truncate64          sys_truncate
> +#define compat_sys_sigaltstack         sys_sigaltstack
> +
> +#define compat_sys_io_getevents        sys_io_getevents

io_getevents seems wrong, you are passing the wrong timespec and
aio_context_t here.

> +#define compat_sys_lookup_dcookie      sys_lookup_dcookie
> +#define compat_sys_epoll_pwait         sys_epoll_pwait

epoll_pwait takes sigset_t, which I'd assume is different between
ilp32 and lp64, so this is probably wrong too, at least on big-endian.

> +#define compat_sys_fcntl64             compat_sys_fcntl

This uses compat_off_t, not compat_loff_t, and needs to be changed.

> +#define compat_sys_signalfd4           sys_signalfd4
> +#define compat_sys_rt_sigsuspend       sys_rt_sigsuspend
> +#define compat_sys_rt_sigprocmask      sys_rt_sigprocmask
> +#define compat_sys_rt_sigpending       sys_rt_sigpending

sigset_t again, all four of these.

> +#define compat_sys_rt_sigqueueinfo     sys_rt_sigqueueinfo

this looks ok though, as you have the 64-bit siginfo

> +#define compat_sys_semtimedop          sys_semtimedop

timespec again

> +#define compat_sys_rt_tgsigqueueinfo   sys_rt_tgsigqueueinfo
> +
> +#define compat_sys_timer_create        sys_timer_create
> +#define compat_sys_timer_gettime       sys_timer_gettime
> +#define compat_sys_timer_settime       sys_timer_settime

timespec again for gettime/settime. create seems fine if you require
the use of the 64-bit sigevent (why?)

> +#define compat_sys_rt_sigtimedwait     sys_rt_sigtimedwait

This one probably needs a custom wrapper as you have the 64-bit
siginfo, but the 32-bit sigset and timespec.

> +#define compat_sys_mq_open             sys_mq_open
> +#define compat_sys_mq_timedsend        sys_mq_timedsend
> +#define compat_sys_mq_timedreceive     sys_mq_timedreceive
> +#define compat_sys_mq_getsetattr       sys_mq_getsetattr
> +#define compat_sys_mq_open             sys_mq_open

You have compat_sys_mq_open twice, and they all look wrong because
you get the wrong struct mq_attr.

> +#define compat_sys_open_by_handle_at   sys_open_by_handle_at

The only difference here is the forced O_LARGEFILE, but that
is set by glibc anyway, right?

> +#define compat_sys_clock_adjtime       sys_clock_adjtime

wrong timex structure

> +#define compat_sys_openat              sys_openat

same as open_by_handle_at

> +#define compat_sys_getdents64          sys_getdents64

glibc uses linux_dirent64 for 32-bit architectures, so this looks wrong

> +#define compat_sys_waitid              sys_waitid

This will probably need a separate wrapper to convert rusage but not siginfo

> +#define compat_sys_timer_settime       sys_timer_settime
> +#define compat_sys_sched_rr_get_interval sys_sched_rr_get_interval

timespec again

> +#define compat_sys_execveat            sys_execveat

This probably gives you the wrong struct user_arg_ptr

> +#define compat_sys_mq_notify           sys_mq_notify


> +#define compat_sys_clock_nanosleep     sys_clock_nanosleep
> +#define compat_sys_clock_getres        sys_clock_getres


> +#define sys_lseek                      sys_llseek

This seems pointless, as there is no sys_lseek

> +asmlinkage long compat_sys_mmap2_wrapper(void);
> +#define sys_mmap2                      compat_sys_mmap2_wrapper
> +
> +asmlinkage long compat_sys_fstatfs64_wrapper(void);
> +#define compat_sys_fstatfs64    compat_sys_fstatfs64_wrapper
> +asmlinkage long compat_sys_statfs64_wrapper(void);
> +#define compat_sys_statfs64             compat_sys_statfs64_wrapper

What are the wrappers for again? Maybe add a comment here.

> +#define compat_sys_preadv              compat_sys_preadv64
> +#define compat_sys_pwritev	       compat_sys_pwritev64

wrong iovec.


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