[PATCH v3] ARM: xip: Use correct symbol for end of ROM marker

Chris Brandt Chris.Brandt at renesas.com
Mon Nov 16 18:11:30 PST 2015

>> So I've noticed. As far as I can tell, the XIP kernel stuff broke 
>> years ago.
> That, of course, brings the question about keeping XIP around.

Well, as the email address suggests, I work for Renesas. And since
the ARCH_R7S72100 has up to 10MB internal RAM and can XIP directly from
QSPI Flash, that's a pretty simple BOM.

I also revisted the AXFS file system (that never made it into the
kernel) and like the kernel, required some fixing up.
However, I can get a functioning and usefull ARMv7 system up and
running in under 3MB of total system RAM.
That's got to be worth something to someone ;)

> Everything can be fixed at once with a new linker script.

I do have to agree that a separate linker script would be a cleaner
solution for the section arrangements.
Of course, there are still some other XIP patches needed (like you can't
use text areas as a temporary stack on boot), but the sections are a
pretty logical place to start.


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