[PATCH V2 2/3] scsi: fix compiler warning for sg

Timur Tabi timur at codeaurora.org
Mon Nov 9 19:26:47 PST 2015

Sinan Kaya wrote:
> I created this patch back in March with an older version of the compiler
> and older kernel (3.19). I'm no longer able to reproduce this with this
> compiler and linux-next.
> Thread model: posix
> gcc version 4.8.3 20140401 (prerelease) (crosstool-NG
> linaro-1.13.1-4.8-2014.04 - Linaro GCC 4.8-2014.04)
> I'll drop this patch.

Are you sure the compiler handles the old macro correctly?  Maybe it's 
just quiescing the error message, but it's still broken?

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