Minimal support for dm814x

Delio Brignoli dbrignoli at
Thu Nov 5 05:08:52 PST 2015

Hello Tony,

We use dm814x in some of our products with a kernel based on version 2.6.37 modified by TI and are considering moving to a current kernel version. I recently saw this <> and I’d like to try getting our board to boot as a first step and then take it from there.
We aim at eventually having remoteproc working (at least for the DSP) and to port fixes/features we added to our 2.6.37 based tree [2].

The temporary testing branch [1] mentioned in your original message is not longer available, does that mean I can just use the master branch of <> for my tests? Which toolchain did you use to build your test kernel for the hp t410?

I wonder if there is anyone on this list already working on getting dm814x fully working or interested in cooperating towards this goal.

Thank you!

[1] <>
[2] <>

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