Cortex-A9 SCU + ARM_ERRATA_764369

Mason slash.tmp at
Tue Nov 3 12:36:35 PST 2015

On 03/11/2015 20:52, Mason wrote:

> Mark Rutland wrote:
>> Mason wrote:
>>> What is scu_base + 0x30? (SCU diagnostic control register?)
>> It's documented (admittedly very sparsely) in the Software
>> Developers Errata Notice for Cortex-A9 processors, in the
>> section regarding erratum 764369.
> A Freescale document mentions:
>> Set bit[0] in the undocumented SCU diagnostic control register
>> located at offset 0x30 from the PERIPHBASE address. Setting this bit
>> disables the "migratory bit" feature. This forces a dirty cache line
>> to be evicted to the lower memory subsystem—which is both the point
>> of coherency and the point of unification—when it is being read by
>> another processor.
> Can this register be written to by a non-secure OS?

IIUC Rob's message, NS OS cannot write to scu_base + 0x30.

<confused> Rob stated:
"these types of work-arounds must go into the bootloader or firmware."

Doesn't that apply to 764369 too? (At least the part setting
bit0 in scu_base + 0x30)

If a company is not using a standard boot-loader such as U-Boot,
does that mean it must re-implement all these work-arounds in
its own boot-loader?

Does firmware mean secure OS?


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