at91sam9: watchdog: period

Jiří Prchal jiri.prchal at
Sun May 17 23:25:16 PDT 2015

On 15.5.2015 16:19, Nicolas Ferre wrote:
>> I have the same hardware setup and the watchdog timeout is 15
>> seconds for me. For my kernel, I am using the Atmel fork at
>>, master branch at commit
>> 5d5b332821753d616e65da6237f0a3330e59b98f.
> FYI, I've just moved the master branch of our github to the newer
> 3.18-based branch: linux-3.18-at91.
> Bye,

Since this files at91sam9_wdt.c and at91sam9_wdt.h are without changes between git 3.18 and 4.0.3 I think the problem is 
somewhere else. Later I can try whole git 3.18 kernel, now I don't have time for it.


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