[PATCH 00/14] ARM: berlin: bisect compatible simple-mfd conversion

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Sat May 16 00:39:32 PDT 2015

On Saturday 16 May 2015 02:23:29 Sebastian Hesselbarth wrote:
> This is a patch set reworking Antoine's patches to move Berlin's system and
> chip controller nodes to simple-mfd registered sub-nodes in a bisect compatible
> way.
> Compared to Antoine's patches, I basically first converted the drivers to
> deal with both single node and simple-mfd sub-node registration, then move the
> DT nodes over to simple-mfd, and finally drop the old way of registration.
> I decided to squash the BG2/BG2CD/BG2Q DT changes into a single patch where
> applicable instead of the clock node rework patches. I also left the Acked-by
> from Phillip Zabel (reset), Linus Walleij (pinctrl), and Stephen Boyd (clk)
> in place for the driver changes as the outcome is the same at the end.
> I am still planing to get this into v4.2 as soon as possible, so if Arnd is
> now happy with the dependency of the patches and none of the maintainers is
> against it, I'll prepare a PR next week.
> @Arnd: This is still based on v4.1-rc1 as I cannot see a stable branch for
> simple-mfd support. Anything specific you want me to remind you that this
> depends on simple-mfd?

You should be able to see a drivers/simple-mfd branch in arm-soc.git.
You can base on top of that.

I think it's fine to merge the entire series into our next/drivers branch,
which already has the simple-mfd bits, but you'll still need to rebase
on simple-mfd to make bisection work.



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