[PATCH v3 1/4] remoteproc: introduce rproc_get_by_phandle API

Suman Anna s-anna at ti.com
Mon May 11 08:09:56 PDT 2015

Hi Ohad,

On 05/09/2015 02:39 AM, Ohad Ben-Cohen wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 10:37 PM, Dave Gerlach <d-gerlach at ti.com> wrote:
>> Allow users of remoteproc the ability to get a handle to an rproc by
>> passing a phandle supplied in the user's device tree node. This is
>> useful in situations that require manual booting of the rproc.
>> This patch uses the code removed by commit 40e575b1d0b3 ("remoteproc:
>> remove the get_by_name/put API") for the ref counting a rproc klist
>> code but has rproc_get_by_name replaced with an rproc_get_by_phandle API.
> The general idea makes sense to me, but I'm not sure we really do need
> a klist here, since the usage profile of this list is expected to be
> super simple: very small number of accessors, looking for small number
> of list members a small number of times, and probably never do need to
> modify the list while accessing it.
> I suspect that the code would be simpler to maintain, debug and
> understand if we just use a simple list with a simple locking
> methodology here.

The klist usage is something that we restored from previous remoteproc
core code as used by the rproc_get_by_name() API. This was removed in
commit 40e575b1d0b3 ("remoteproc: remove the get_by_name/put API"). We
chose to use the code that had been present before rather than inventing
something new all over again. If you feel that a regular list is the way
to go forward, we can make the switch.


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