[patch v11 05/23] ACPI: fix acpi_os_ioremap for arm64

Catalin Marinas catalin.marinas at arm.com
Wed Mar 25 09:50:04 PDT 2015

On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 10:02:38PM +0800, Hanjun Guo wrote:
> From: Mark Salter <msalter at redhat.com>
> The acpi_os_ioremap() function may be used to map normal RAM or IO
> regions. The current implementation simply uses ioremap_cache(). This
> will work for some architectures, but arm64 ioremap_cache() cannot be
> used to map IO regions which don't support caching. So for arm64, use
> ioremap() for non-RAM regions.
> CC: Rafael J Wysocki <rjw at rjwysocki.net>
> CC: Catalin Marinas <catalin.marinas at arm.com>
> Tested-by: Robert Richter <rrichter at cavium.com>
> Tested-by: Timur Tabi <timur at codeaurora.org>
> Acked-by: Robert Richter <rrichter at cavium.com>
> Acked-by: Rafael J. Wysocki <rafael.j.wysocki at intel.com>
> Reviewed-by: Grant Likely <grant.likely at linaro.org>
> Signed-off-by: Mark Salter <msalter at redhat.com>
> Signed-off-by: Hanjun Guo <hanjun.guo at linaro.org>

Acked-by: Catalin Marinas <catalin.marinas at arm.com>

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