[PATCH 0/6] arm64 kexec kernel patches V8

Mark Rutland mark.rutland at arm.com
Fri Mar 20 12:48:38 PDT 2015

On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 08:35:27PM +0000, Geoff Levand wrote:
> Hi All,

Hi Geoff,

As a heads-up, I'm not going to have the chanec to review this until
after the FW summit next week.


> ---
> PROBLEM: KVM acquires hypervisor resources on startup, but does not free those
> resources on shutdown, so the first stage kernel cannot be shutdown properly
> when using kexec.
> WORK-AROUND: Build the first stage kernel with CONFIG_KVM=n, or apply KVM bug
> fix patches from [1].
> FIX: Takahiro Akashi has preliminary patches to fix the KVM shutdown problem.  I
> have those in my master branch at [1].  KVM + kexec works properly with that
> branch.  Patches neeeded:
>  arm64: kvm: add a cpu tear-down function
>  arm64: kexec: fix kvm issue
>  arm64/kvm: Remove !KEXEC Kconfig dependency
>  arm64/kexec: Enable kexec in the arm64 defconfig

These (or some descendents thereof) are going to be a prerequisite for

> /memreserve/
> ----------
> PROBLEM: Device tree /memreserve/ entries are not available in
> /proc/device-tree.  For systems that have /memreserve/ entries and use
> /proc/device-tree during kexec, the second stage kernel will use the reserved
> regions and the system will become unstable.
> WORK-AROUND: Enable the kernel config option CONFIG_SYSFS=y to expose a binary
> device tree to user space at /sys/firmware/fdt that includes /memreserve/
> entries OR pass a user specified DTB using the kexec --dtb option.
> FIX: This is expected behavior.  To maximize user support, rework device tree
> definitions to not use /memreserve/ entries.

I'd say that requiring CONFIG_SYSFS is the real fix here. That's a
kernel change that maximises compatibility with DTBs (which we don't
really have control over).

I hope that the tools warn somehow if they cannot see the fdt.


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