[PATCH v6 10/30] PCI: Introduce pci_host_bridge_list to manage host bridges

Yijing Wang wangyijing at huawei.com
Sun Mar 15 18:28:16 PDT 2015

>> Currently, if platform does not know the end bus number (not provide the bus resource),
>> we will update the max bus number returned by pci_scan_child_bus() to the bus resource end,
>> and I think this is reasonable. I consider to introduce a flag to identify the bus resource
>> which end bus number is undefined, then we could force all pci_scan_root_bus()  etc. callers
>> to provide the bus resource, and we could process the bus resource end according the bus resource flag.
>> Also then we could reduce the bus argument which is the same as busn_res->start.
>> I would try to provide draft patch, then we could discuss it more clearly.
> Without having seen a patch, my inclination is to avoid a flag because
> flags change the behavior of the code you call, which makes that code
> harder to follow.  Maybe we could require these platforms to
> explicitly update the ending bus number after scanning the bus.

OK, agree, thanks for your suggestion :)

> Bjorn
> .


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