[PATCH v5 3/8] pinctrl: cygnus: add initial IOMUX driver support

Paul Bolle pebolle at tiscali.nl
Mon Mar 9 12:53:58 PDT 2015

Ray Jui schreef op ma 09-03-2015 om 12:40 [-0700]:
> I don't see this as an "issue" to be quite honest.

(Off topic: is issue a, well, strong word? To my (non-English) mind it's
rather neutral, carrying by itself less urgency than, say, problem. If
I'm wrong I might have confused quite a few people by using it quite
often. And that would be a real issue!)

> By saying that, I at
> least agree with you that these are not information that's mandatory to
> be in the driver given what we already have. MODULE_LICENSE is covered
> by license header. MODULE_DESCRIPTION is covered by descriptions in
> Kconfig. MODULE_AUTHOR is much less important than what's in the
> Since I have to submit a new patch series to address the "ngpios" issue
> that Linus mentioned in the other email, I don't mind removing all these
> MODULE_* macros in the driver all together.

I see.


Paul Bolle

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