[PATCH v3 0/10] split ET_DYN ASLR from mmap ASLR

Russell King - ARM Linux linux at arm.linux.org.uk
Mon Mar 9 09:19:12 PDT 2015

On Tue, Mar 03, 2015 at 06:10:15PM -0800, Kees Cook wrote:
> To address the "offset2lib" ASLR weakness[1], this separates ET_DYN
> ASLR from mmap ASLR, as already done on s390. The architectures
> that are already randomizing mmap (arm, arm64, mips, powerpc, s390,
> and x86), have their various forms of arch_mmap_rnd() made available
> via the new CONFIG_ARCH_HAS_ELF_RANDOMIZE. For these architectures,
> arch_randomize_brk() is collapsed as well.
> This is an alternative to the solutions in:
> https://lkml.org/lkml/2015/2/23/442
> I've been able to test x86 and arm, and the buildbot (so far) seems
> happy with building the rest.

Hmm, do you want to wrap my acks up to your previous one into this set?
What about my tested-by?

I'd rather not waste time testing this version if my previous test is
still valid (or if there's yet another version of this patch set which
is later than this set.)

Unless I hear anything, I'll assume that it's broadly the same as the
previous patch set and requires no action.

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