[PATCH v2 5/6] watchdog: at91sam9: request the irq with IRQF_NO_SUSPEND

Pavel Machek pavel at ucw.cz
Sat Mar 7 03:29:33 PST 2015

On Sat 2015-03-07 12:06:45, Alexandre Belloni wrote:
> On 07/03/2015 at 11:39:39 +0100, Pavel Machek wrote :
> > > The Atmel watchdog can't be stopped once it's started. This is actually 
> > > very useful so we can reset if suspend or resume failed, the only 
> > > drawback is that you have to wake up from time to time (e.g. by using 
> > > the RTC/RTT) to clear the watchdog and then go back to sleep ASAP.
> > 
> > Yeah. So you do "echo mem > /sys/power/state", and few seconds/minutes
> > after watchdog kills the system. But you did not ask for dead system,
> > you asked for suspend.
> > 
> > And while that behaviour is useful for you, I don't think it is
> > exactly useful behaviour, nor it is the behaviour user would expect.
> > 
> I think you misunderstood, that is exactly the expected behaviour. This
> is hardware defined. Once the watchdog is started, nobody can stop it.
> Trying to change the mode register will result in a reset of the
> SoC.

Well, it boils down to "what is stronger". Desire to suspend the
system, or desire to reboot the system.

It is "echo mem > state", not "echo reboot > state".

> It is documented in the datasheet and any user wanting another behaviour
> is out of luck.

Actaully, your platform should just refuse to enter suspend-to-RAM
when hw watchdog is enabled.

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