[PATCH 0/2] ARM: multi_v7_defconfig, sunxi_defconfig: increase maximum number of CPUs

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Wed Mar 4 14:43:39 PST 2015

On Tuesday 10 February 2015 19:52:26 Tyler Baker wrote:
> I have recently been reviewing the kernel warnings generated from the kernelci.org boot farm, and have discovered that the HiP04 and a80-optimus boards have more CPUs then the maximum allowed in a few of the ARM defconfigs. This series fixes those warnings by increasing the maximum number of CPUs. I went ahead and boot tested these patches on various boards [1] to insure there are no regressions introduced when increasing the number of CPUs. 
> Any comments would be appreciated. Perhaps we may want to increase these limits further?

I've applied your version. Increasing the limit more would mainly cause memory
to be wasted, so I don't think that's a good idea until we need to support
other hardware.


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