[PATCH v2 0/3] Add support for HDQ-1W on AM43XX

Vignesh R vigneshr at ti.com
Mon Mar 2 02:49:31 PST 2015


This patch series adds support for HDQ-1W interface on AM43XX.
The first patch adds hwmod entries for HDQ-1W on AM43xx.

The existing omap_hdq driver does not support 1-wire operations.
The second patch enables 1-wire support in the omap_hdq driver. Support
to Search ROM addresses and automatically load slave drivers is added
for 1-wire mode.

I have tested this on am437x-gp-evm using DS18B20 as 1-wire slave.

Poddar, Sourav (1):
  ARM: OMAP2: hwmod: AM43XX: Add hwmod support for HDQ-1W

Vignesh R (2):
  w1: masters: omap_hdq: Add support for 1-wire mode
  ARM: dts: AM4372: update hdq compatible property

 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/w1/omap-hdq.txt |   7 +-
 Documentation/w1/masters/omap-hdq                 |   6 +
 arch/arm/boot/dts/am4372.dtsi                     |   2 +-
 arch/arm/mach-omap2/omap_hwmod_43xx_data.c        |  36 ++++
 arch/arm/mach-omap2/prcm43xx.h                    |   1 +
 drivers/w1/masters/omap_hdq.c                     | 209 ++++++++++++++++++----
 6 files changed, 226 insertions(+), 35 deletions(-)


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