Linkstation Mini and __machine_arch_type problem, not booting since 3.8

Andrew Lunn andrew at
Sun Jun 21 13:07:57 PDT 2015

On Sun, Jun 21, 2015 at 07:36:04PM +0200, Benjamin Cama wrote:
> Le samedi 20 juin 2015 à 16:36 +0200, Andrew Lunn a écrit :
> > > 
> > > 
> > > Oh, and that was it!
> > 
> > This used to catch us all out a lot. What configuration are you using?
> > orion5x_defconfig? Very likely a patch adding it to that would be
> > accepted.
> None. Sorry, I am used to the x86 world where I almost never used
> default configs (and it's been a long time, too). I admit I never fully
> understood the logic behind the defconfigs, apart from it meaning some
> kind of ???less important??? dependency on some specific options. Shouldn't
> the main UART be a ???hard??? dependency on every board?!

You say you are from the x86 world. When did you last use a serial
console on an x86? Anyway, the thinking at the time was that for most
NAS boxes, there is no DB-9 on the back. You have to open up the case,
and connect to a header, or even solder wires to the board, in order
to use a TTL-Serial converter. Very few people actually do that, so
why make the kernel a bit bigger?

But we have moved on since then, mostly because we ourselves have
forgotten this option too many times. We have SERIAL_OF_PLATFORM
enabled in the _defconfig.


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