i.mx53 suspend/resume mainline kernel

Alexey Mednyy swexru at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 07:26:28 PDT 2015

Problem solved with this patch. Why it's not merged?


On Jun 10, 2015 13:26, "Alexey Mednyy" <swexru at gmail.com
<mailto:swexru at gmail.com>> wrote:

    Hello all!

    Looks like suspend/resume not working right on i.mx53 soc in
    mainline kernel.
    For some reason SOC is not suspending and hangs somewhere before
    actual low power mode.

    I've put printk's all over imx5 suspend code:

    static int mx5_suspend_enter(suspend_state_t state) from pm-imx5.c
    and I see printk message right before
    cpu_do_idle() function which is macro really calls cpu_v7_do_idle
    from proc-v7.S

    And I don't see that CPU pulls STANDBY pad in any way, pmic don't know
    anything about cpu low power mode.
    Also clocks remain on.
    So, is problem somewhere in those 3 ARM instructions?

    dsb @ WFI may enter a low-power mode
    ret lr

    Have no idea where to move next...

    Best regards, Mednyy Alexey.

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