[PATCH] ARM: dts: AM35xx: fix system control module clocks

Jeroen Hofstee jeroen at myspectrum.nl
Mon Jun 8 15:00:20 PDT 2015

Hello Paul, +Menon (since you asked about the USB_OTG trap),

On 08-06-15 04:38, Paul Walmsley wrote:
> Hi Jeroen,
> On Sun, 7 Jun 2015, Paul Walmsley wrote:
>> On Sun, 7 Jun 2015, Jeroen Hofstee wrote:
>>> Turns out my suspicion was wrong. This is what I know at the moment,
>>> depending on the bootpins, u-boot will trigger a bad access when loading
>>> a file over ethernet, but only the first time. Clearing the pending interrupt
>>> before booting linux make the "USB_OTG address hole seen" go away.
>> Oh, too bad.  I had been hoping that you were right and that I was wrong
>> ;-)  I'll try this on the CM-T3517 here.
> I used your debugging technique here and was able to reproduce your
> results - with one difference:
> http://www.pwsan.com/omap/testlogs/test_v4.1-rc6/20150607194102/boot/cmt3517/cmt3517_log.txt
> The interconnect error was logged upon the first interaction with the
> network.  In my case this was with the U-boot 'dhcp' command.  The pending
> interrupt bit was cleared before loading the kernel via tftp, and the
> interrupt bit was not set again, even after a tftp load.

I sent a patch to u-boot to disable the offending line, see [1]. It would be
interesting to know if it can also result in valid, accidental memory 
before the invalid one, but I haven't checked that yet.


[1] https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/481751/

p.s. the USB_OTG trap is actually a musb / emac / camera trap on an am3517.

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