[PATCH] Documentation: ARM: EXYNOS: Describe boot loaders interface

Peter Chubb peter.chubb at nicta.com.au
Sat Jun 6 04:01:00 PDT 2015

>>>>> "Krzysztof" == Krzysztof Kozlowski <k.kozlowski.k at gmail.com> writes:

Krzysztof> Various boot loaders for Exynos based boards use certain
Krzysztof> memory addresses during booting for different
Krzysztof> purposes. Mostly this is one of following : 1. as a CPU
Krzysztof> boot address, 2. for storing magic cookie related to low
Krzysztof> power mode (AFTR, sleep).

Krzysztof> The document, based solely on kernel source code, tries to
Krzysztof> group the information scattered over different files. This
Krzysztof> would help in the future when adding support for new SoC or
Krzysztof> when extending features related to low power modes.

Is it worth grabbing the info from u=boot and documenting it here
(it's not documented other than in the hardkenel U=Boot source)?

I can send you the info, or you can see it in
at symbol nscode_base near line 104

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