[PATCH v3 0/6] i2c: at91: add support to FIFOs and alternative command

Ludovic Desroches ludovic.desroches at atmel.com
Tue Jun 2 08:52:22 PDT 2015

On Wed, Jun 03, 2015 at 12:36:28AM +0900, Wolfram Sang wrote:
> > If you send a new version, could you add stable in Cc to patch 3/6:
> No need to send a new version just because of an additional ack. I can
> apply that. However...
> > Cc: stable at vger.kernel.org #3.10 and later
> > If not, Wolfram could you do it please?
> The problem with 3/6 is that it seems to depend on 1/6 which is a
> cleanup patch. If cleaning up is not essential for the bugfix, the
> latter should be done first. To avoid exactly this problem.

I was thinking the same so I have tried to cherry-pick the patch on a 3.10.79
and it didn't cause any conflicts so I thought it could be sent to stable as

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