[PATCH 2/5] ARM: OMAP2+: DRA7: Add hwmod entries for PWMSS

Vignesh R vigneshr at ti.com
Tue Jun 2 04:24:10 PDT 2015

Hi Tero,

On Tuesday 02 June 2015 01:51 PM, Tero Kristo wrote:
> On 06/01/2015 02:53 PM, Vignesh R wrote:
>> Add hwmod entries for the PWMSS on DRA7.
> Can you provide some documentation references for this data?
> I was looking at the TRM and at least the main_clk selection is somewhat
> unclear to me.

As per AM57x TRM SPRUHZ6, October 2014, Section 29.1.3 Table 29-4.
source signal as L4PER2_L3_GICLK but it is actually equal to
L4PER2_L3_GICLK/2. l4_root_clock_div is fixed-factored clock equal to
L4PER2_L3_GICLK/2 (l3_iclk_div/2 in Linux clock dt). The TRM does'nt
show factor of by 2. I will forward you an internal documentation that
talks about this.

I also measured the frequencies of PWM waveforms using oscilloscope and
it matches above observation.

I will update the patch description in v2.


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