[PATCH v2] arm/arm64: KVM: Properly account for guest CPU time

Christoffer Dall christoffer.dall at linaro.org
Mon Jun 1 02:08:17 PDT 2015

On Mon, Jun 01, 2015 at 09:47:46AM +0200, Christian Borntraeger wrote:
> Am 28.05.2015 um 20:49 schrieb Christoffer Dall:
> > Until now we have been calling kvm_guest_exit after re-enabling
> > interrupts when we come back from the guest, but this has the
> > unfortunate effect that CPU time accounting done in the context of timer
> > interrupts occurring while the guest is running doesn't properly notice
> > that the time since the last tick was spent in the guest.
> Can you verify that a CPU bound guest has almost zero guest time?
> Assuming that your answer is "yes" your patch make sense as host
> timer interrupts should be the only reasons for guest exits then.

Yes, 'cat /dev/urandom > /dev/null' in the guest shows up as 100% sys in
mpstat on the host, 0% guest.

> > Inspired by the comment in the x86 code, move the kvm_guest_exit() call
> > below the local_irq_enable() call and change __kvm_guest_exit() to
> > kvm_guest_exit(), because we are now calling this function with
> > interrupts enabled.  We have to now explicitly disable preemption and
> > not enable preemption before we've called kvm_guest_exit(), since
> > otherwise we could be preempted and everything happening before we
> > eventually get scheduled again would be accounted for as guest time.
> > 
> > At the same time, move the trace_kvm_exit() call outside of the atomic
> > section, since there is no reason for us to do that with interrupts
> > disabled.
> > 
> > Signed-off-by: Christoffer Dall <christoffer.dall at linaro.org>
> > ---
> > This patch is based on kvm/queue, because it has the kvm_guest_enter/exit
> > rework recently posted by Christian Borntraeger.  I hope I got the logic
> > of this right, there were 2 slightly worrying facts about this:
> > 
> > First, we now enable and disable and enable interrupts on each exit
> > path, but I couldn't see any performance overhead on hackbench - yes the
> > only benchmark we care about.
> This should be somewhat similar to the situation before my patch.
> There it was
> 1: "disable", "guest", "disable again and save", "restore to disable", "enable"
> and now it is
> 2: "disable", "guest", "enable"
> and with your patch it is
> 3: "disable", "guest", "enable", "disable, "enable"
> I assume that 3 and 1 are similar in its costs, so this is probably ok.
> > 
> > Second, looking at the ppc and mips code, they seem to also call
> > kvm_guest_exit() before enabling interrupts, so I don't understand how
> > guest CPU time accounting works on those architectures.
> Not an expert here, but I assume mips has the same logic as arm so if your
> patch is right for arm its probably also for mips.
> powerpc looks similar to what s390 does (not using the tick, instead it uses
> a hw-timer) so this should be fine.
I wonder if we can simply enable HAVE_VIRT_CPU_ACCOUNTING_GEN and get
this for free which would avoid the need for this patch?


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