RFC on cpufreq implementation

Mason mpeg.blue at free.fr
Thu Jan 29 08:43:19 PST 2015

On 15/01/2015 18:24, Mason wrote:

> This is a follow-up to my previous thread.
> "How many frequencies would cpufreq optimally like to manage?"
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.ports.arm.kernel/373669

OK, so this is my TAKE 2 on the cpufreq driver, trying to remove
some dependencies on machine-specific definitions by getting the
virtual address at init via ioremap. (Is -EFAULT the right error
to return if ioremap fails?)

I'm not sure where machine-specific information is supposed to
be stored though? Such as register definitions, or the physical
addresses/offsets. What if they need to be shared among several
source files? I can't just duplicate them... (I've tentatively
called it temp.h for the time being.)


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