[PATCH] video/mmpfb: allow modular build

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Wed Jan 28 12:13:50 PST 2015

The frame buffer core can be a module, which means any fb drivers
should be able to build as modules too. This turns mmpfb into
a tristate option to allow that and fix a possible randconfig
build error.

drivers/built-in.o: In function `modes_setup':
:(.text+0x11b34): undefined reference to `fb_videomode_to_modelist'
:(.text+0x11b5c): undefined reference to `fb_videomode_to_var'

Signed-off-by: Arnd Bergmann <arnd at arndb.de>

diff --git a/drivers/video/fbdev/mmp/Makefile b/drivers/video/fbdev/mmp/Makefile
index a014cb358bf8..924dd0930cc7 100644
--- a/drivers/video/fbdev/mmp/Makefile
+++ b/drivers/video/fbdev/mmp/Makefile
@@ -1 +1,3 @@
-obj-y += core.o hw/ panel/ fb/
+obj-$(CONFIG_MMP_DISP) += mmp_disp.o hw/ panel/ fb/
+mmp_disp-y		+= core.o
diff --git a/drivers/video/fbdev/mmp/fb/Kconfig b/drivers/video/fbdev/mmp/fb/Kconfig
index 9b0141f105f5..985e1a7cd254 100644
--- a/drivers/video/fbdev/mmp/fb/Kconfig
+++ b/drivers/video/fbdev/mmp/fb/Kconfig
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 config MMP_FB
-	bool "fb driver for Marvell MMP Display Subsystem"
+	tristate "fb driver for Marvell MMP Display Subsystem"
 	depends on FB

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