[PATCH v2 0/6] ARM: shmobile: sh73a0: DT PM domain support

Simon Horman horms at verge.net.au
Wed Jan 21 18:55:22 PST 2015

On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 03:12:19PM +0100, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 2:14 AM, Simon Horman <horms at verge.net.au> wrote:
> >> > If you add patch 6 to sh-drivers-for-v3.20 and merge it in -next,
> >> > everything is fine!
> >>
> >> Thanks, I thought I had that one but I must have missed it somehow.
> >
> > I have made a second attempt and this time I hope that I haven't missed
> > anything. Please see renesas-next-20150117-v3.19-rc1.
> Thanks, looks better!

For the record: Olof has asked for review comments for the BSC driver and
binding patches. Accordingly I have dropped them, and these patches which
depend on them, from next.

This dependency may be due to the way the branches are arranged, rather
than actual dependencies of the code. But regardless I am dropping all
effected branches for now.

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