[GIT PULL] qcom SoC changes for v3.20

Olof Johansson olof at lixom.net
Wed Jan 21 17:15:21 PST 2015


On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 12:27:15PM -0600, Kumar Gala wrote:
> The following changes since commit 97bf6af1f928216fd6c5a66e8a57bfa95a659672:
>   Linux 3.19-rc1 (2014-12-20 17:08:50 -0800)
> are available in the git repository at:
>   git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/galak/linux-qcom.git tags/qcom-soc-for-3.20
> for you to fetch changes up to ae0a6075c046f9c8dbac18f53a779592f97b402e:
>   soc: qcom: scm: Clarify boot interface (2015-01-19 11:55:12 -0600)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Qualcomm ARM Based SoC Updates for v3.20
> * Moved scm support into drivers/soc/qcom (allows for use by drivers)
> * Various bug fixes and minor feature additions to scm code
> * Added big-endian support to debug MSM uart
> * Added big-endian support to ARCH_QCOM
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Lina Iyer (2):
>       ARM: qcom: Add SCM warmboot flags for quad core targets.
>       soc: qcom: scm: Move scm-boot files to drivers/soc and include/soc
> Olav Haugan (1):
>       ARM: qcom: scm: Add logging of actual return code from scm call
> Saravana Kannan (1):
>       ARM: qcom: scm: Add API to query for service/command availability.
> Stephen Boyd (9):
>       ARM: debug: Update MSM and QCOM DEBUG_LL help
>       ARM: debug: msm: Support big-endian CPUs
>       ARM: qcom: Select ARCH_SUPPORTS_BIG_ENDIAN
>       ARM: qcom: scm: Fix incorrect cache invalidation
>       ARM: qcom: scm: Get cacheline size from CTR
>       ARM: qcom: scm: Add a feat version query API
>       soc: qcom: scm: Move the scm driver to drivers/soc/qcom

I replied on the patch here just now. This isn't the right thing to do,
as far as I can tell.

Seems like sending a fresh request with the material besides the move
to drivers/soc should be mergeable though, so feel free to do that while
the rest is hashed out.


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