RFC on cpufreq implementation

Mason mpeg.blue at free.fr
Mon Jan 19 14:03:54 PST 2015

On 19/01/2015 08:52, Viresh Kumar wrote:
> On 15 January 2015 at 22:54, Mason wrote:
>> I decided to expose only a small subset of frequencies (namely
>> {999,500,333,111} MHz) because, in my tests, the ondemand gov
>> chose mostly min and max, and the intermediate frequencies not
>> so much; so I figured "2 intermediate freqs" is good enough.
>> (I'm ready to hear otherwise.)
> Following patch solved this issue in 3.17..
> 6393d6a1027e cpufreq: ondemand: Eliminate the deadband effect

Good to know, thanks! (I'm on 3.14)


Do you have other comments/suggestions regarding my code?


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