kernel panic when booting on exynos 5440

Ming Lei tom.leiming at
Sat Jan 3 18:57:27 PST 2015

Hi Guys,

On Thu, Dec 25, 2014 at 6:32 PM, Pankaj Dubey <pankaj.dubey at> wrote:
> +CC: Thomas Abraham
> Hi Ming,
> On Thursday 25 December 2014 02:18 PM, Ming Lei wrote:
>> Hi Pankaj,
>> In your commit fce9e5bb2(ARM: EXYNOS: Add support for
>> mapping PMU base address via DT), 'pmu_base_addr' is
>> only parsed for very limited machines from the table of
>> 'exynos_dt_pmu_match'.  For other boards, 'pmu_base_addr'
>> will keep its default value of null, then panic() is triggered.
> Yes, it will.
> As exynos5440 DT does not have PMU device node, neither above mentioned
> patch added corresponding matching device_id.
> If I remember correctly, I might have missed this because exynos5440 DT was
> not having PMU node.
>> What do you think about the problem?
> I missed this part, and I should have taken care of this in original patch
> itself. Well as of now I can think of only one solution that if we really
> want to keep support for exynos5440 in mainline kernel, to avoid above issue
> we should skip pmu mapping for exynos5440. In this case following patch will
> do this work.
> Also I will like to know from Kukjin that what best can be done now.
> If he is OK with below solution I can post the same.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: [PATCH] ARM: EXYNOS: do not try to map PMU for exynos5440
> Commit id: 2e94ac42898f84d76e3c21dd91bc is not taking care
> of mapping of exynos5440 PMU register which will result in kernel panic.
> As of now let's avoid mapping of exynos5440 PMU.
> Signed-off-by: Pankaj Dubey <pankaj.dubey at>

Is there any opportunity to merge the fix? Or exynos5440 will not be
supported in future?

Ming Lei

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