[PATCH 2/3] soc: ti: Add wkup_m3_ipc driver

Felipe Balbi balbi at ti.com
Fri Jan 2 12:33:20 PST 2015

On Fri, Jan 02, 2015 at 02:16:43PM -0600, Felipe Balbi wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 02, 2015 at 02:00:16PM -0600, Dave Gerlach wrote:
> > Introduce a wkup_m3_ipc driver to handle communication between the MPU
> > and Cortex M3 wkup_m3 present on am335x.
> > 
> > This driver is responsible for actually booting the wkup_m3_rproc and
> > also handling all IPC which is done using the IPC registers in the control
> > module, a mailbox, and a separate interrupt back from the wkup_m3. A small
> > API is exposed for executing specific power commands, which include
> > configuring for low power mode, request a transition to a low power mode,
> > and status info on a previous transition.

another comment is that no user of such API is provided, so it's very
difficult to verify that there's no other way of implementing this.

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