stand-alone kvmtool

Alex Bennée alex.bennee at
Thu Feb 26 03:02:31 PST 2015

Andre Przywara <andre.przywara at> writes:

> Hi Will,
> On 18/02/15 15:50, Will Deacon wrote:
>> Hi Andre,
>> Thanks for doing this. Since it looks unlikely that kvmtool will ever be
>> merged back into the kernel tree, it makes sense to cut the dependency
>> in my opinion.
> P.S. Although both approaches still provide the kvmtool patch history,
> they do not compile before the dependency cut patches. If that is an
> issue, one could think about injecting those new patches back into the
> repository time line. Admittedly that sounds scary, but would solve the
> problem.

If you can have it all it would be nice to preserve buildability all
through your history for bisecting (and the moon on a stick please ;-)

Is the dependency on the kernel sources something that has been stable
over the projects history or something that's been declining/increasing
over time?

Alex Bennée

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