[PATCH 05/12] tty: amba-pl011: add register lookup table

Timur Tabi timur at codeaurora.org
Thu Dec 24 07:35:52 PST 2015

On Thu, Dec 24, 2015 at 9:05 AM, Russell King - ARM Linux
<linux at arm.linux.org.uk> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 24, 2015 at 09:03:12AM -0600, Timur Tabi wrote:
>> On Thu, Dec 24, 2015 at 12:54 AM, Huang Shijie <shijie.huang at arm.com> wrote:
>> > My kernel cmdline:
>> >   console=ttyAMA0,115200 earlycon=pl011,0x7ff80000 root=/dev/sda1 rootwait verbose debug sky2.mac_address=0x00,0x02,0xF7,0x00,0x63,0x3C dtb=r1a57.dtb
>> earlycon is broken with Russell's patches.  My patch fixes it, but
>> only for standard pl011 devices.
> No, it shouldn't be.  Earlycon uses pl011_putc() which remains exactly
> the same as it was before these patches.

        while (readl(port->membase + REG_FR) & UART01x_FR_TXFF)

is broken because REG_FR is equal to 1.

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