[PATCH v12 08/16] arm64/kexec: Add core kexec support

Pratyush Anand panand at redhat.com
Wed Dec 16 02:32:59 PST 2015

On 16/12/2015:09:30:34 AM, James Morse wrote:
> On 16/12/15 07:18, Pratyush Anand wrote:
> > We execute arm64_relocate_new_kernel() code with I-cache disabled. So, do we
> > really need to invalidate I-cache?
> I got bitten by this, see Mark's earlier reply[0]:
> Mark Rutland wrote:
> > The SCTLR_ELx.I only affects the attributes that the I-cache uses to
> > fetch with, not whether it is enabled (it cannot be disabled
> > architecturally).

Thanks James for pointing to it. I had missed that.


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