[PATCH v5 0/3] thermal: mediatek: Add cpu dynamic power cooling model.

Viresh Kumar viresh.kumar at linaro.org
Tue Dec 15 20:14:46 PST 2015

On 16-12-15, 11:59, Dawei Chien wrote:
> Use Intelligent Power Allocation (IPA) technical to add dynamic power model
> for binding CPU thermal zone. The power allocator governor allocates power
> budget to control CPU temperature.
> Power Allocator governor is able to keep SOC temperature within a defined
> temperature range to avoid SOC overheat and keep it's performance.
> mt8173-cpufreq.c need to register its' own power model with power allocator
> thermal governor, so that power allocator governor can allocates suitable
> power budget to control CPU temperature.
> Binding document is refer to this patchset
> https://lkml.org/lkml/2015/11/30/239
> Change since V4:
> 1. Remove unnecessary error-checking for mt8173-cpufreq.c
> 2. Initializing variable capacitance with 0

Acked-by: Viresh Kumar <viresh.kumar at linaro.org>


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