next-20151210 build: 4 failures 43 warnings (next-20151210)

Vlastimil Babka vbabka at
Thu Dec 10 23:12:38 PST 2015

On 10.12.2015 23:47, Andrew Morton wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Dec 2015 16:55:13 +0000 Mark Brown <broonie at> wrote:
>> Today's -next fails to build most arm64 configs with some rather
>> spectacular errors below introduced by 02598e94ed5a78 (mm, printk:
>> introduce new format string for flags) from Andrew's tree.  These in
>> turn stem from the fact that we introduce an inclusion of
>> linux/tracepoint.h into linux/mmdebug.h which through a chain of nested
>> inclusions means that we end up attempting to use definitions from
>> headers before they have finished including.
> Thanks.
> Further complexicating the include tree is something we don't need. 
> I'll try moving the offending declarations into mm/internal.h, see how
> that goes.

Yeah that works too, thanks.

> Including ../mm/internal.h into lib/vsprintf.c is a bit grubby, but I
> guess it makes sense - vsprintf is poking about in mm internals, so it
> gets to include mm's internal.h.


> Vlastimil, the patch is rather bloaty - it adds 1.2k for something
> which few people will use.  I wonder if it should be conditioned by

Hmm, but one of the benefits is that we get e.g. the gfp flags translated
in oom and alloc failure reports that users submit, and CONFIG_DEBUG_VM
is not enabled by default. So the conditioning should be based on some
option that people explicitly enable to make their kernels smaller knowing
it's a tradeoff for functionality/convenience.

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