[PATCH v4 0/6] cpufreq: use generic cpufreq drivers for Exynos4x12 platform

Viresh Kumar viresh.kumar at linaro.org
Fri Aug 7 04:39:50 PDT 2015

On 07-08-15, 13:31, Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:
> Users don't need to enable the config option to get boost
> functionality working.  It is only needed to get scaling_boost_freqs
> sysfs attribute visible (which lists available boost freqs) when
> using cpufreq-dt driver.  Also the config option in question is not
> user visible.

By users I meant the people who will prepare the build images for the
release. They can just enable the config option :)

> The worst thing that happens if these 2 PM patches don't make it
> in time is that there will be no scaling_boost_freqs available
> when using cpufreq-dt driver.  Which is not very important from
> Exynos4x12 POV as it only supports single boost freq currently.

Right. So, now that your patch is Acked, send 1/6 and 6/6 separately
to pm-list and Rafael can get them merged himself..

I hope, your 6/6 patch will change a bit now ?


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