[PATCH v3] spi: davinci: add support for adding delay between word's transmissions

Mark Brown broonie at kernel.org
Mon Sep 15 09:37:04 PDT 2014

On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 04:06:49PM +0300, Grygorii Strashko wrote:
> On 09/13/2014 07:06 PM, Mark Brown wrote:

> > This is fine but it doesn't appear to apply against current code.  Can
> > you please check and resend?

> This one should be applied without conflicts on top of
> git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/broonie/spi.git
> branch: for-next

> since you've applied the patch:
> "[PATCH] spi: davinci: request cs_gpio's from probe"
> http://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-spi/msg01811.html

> I have to mention about this dependency, sorry for that.

Please resend then as I asked.
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