[PATCH v9 0/2] Adds PMU and S2R support for exynos5420

Kevin Hilman khilman at kernel.org
Fri Oct 10 15:02:49 PDT 2014

Abhilash Kesavan <kesavan.abhilash at gmail.com> writes:

> On Fri, Oct 10, 2014 at 4:29 AM, Kevin Hilman <khilman at kernel.org> wrote:
>> Kevin Hilman <khilman at kernel.org> writes:
>> [...]
>>> Trying $SUBJECT series on top of kukjin's for-next is working fine, but
>>> I'm still not able to make it work on linux-next, with or without the
>> Nevermind, turns out I didn't apply the CLK_IGNORE_UNUSED PATCH.  If I
>> actually apply it, I have it working on top of linux-next.  However, it
>> seems to have some issues with the nonboot CPUs resuming:
>> [   11.319833] Enabling non-boot CPUs ...
>> [   12.319134] CPU1: failed to come online
>> [   12.319235] Error taking CPU1 up: -5
>> [   13.319137] CPU2: failed to come online
>> [   13.319209] Error taking CPU2 up: -5
>> [   14.319133] CPU3: failed to come online
>> [   14.319224] Error taking CPU3 up: -5
>> Are you guys seeing all the non-boot CPUs coming up?  They fail to come
>> online, but the /sys/devices/.../cpu?/online reports that they are
>> online, which means the next attempt to hotplug them will probably BUG().
>> Also, If I turn off the switcher (enabled by default exynos_defconfig),
>> resume still has problems bringing all the nonboot CPUs online, and then
>> has a bunch of I2C errors[1].
>> And one more..., if I try enabling CPUidle[1] with exynos_defconfig, S2R
>> causes a reboot (seems to be on resume.)
> I tested S2R on my Peach-Pi (Exynos5800) on linux-next-20141009. My tree has:
> a57db95 TEMP: Use CLK_IGNORE_UNUSED for aclk200_disp1
> 18158ac ARM: EXYNOS: Use MCPM call-backs to support S2R on Exynos5420

I was missing this one.

> d86cb2d ARM: exynos5: Add Suspend-to-RAM support for 5420
> 93f1b7c ARM: exynos5: Add PMU support for 5420
> 8dcc2db ARM: EXYNOS: Move PMU specific definitions from common.h
> 493a16a ARM: EXYNOS: Add platform driver support for Exynos PMU
> 64e73fb mfd: syscon: Decouple syscon interface from platform devices
> af7b574 Add linux-next specific files for 20141009
> 4658bc0 Merge branch 'akpm/master'
> 9784a19 mm: add strictlimit knob
> I have tested the following scenarios using exynos_defconfig with
> CONFIG_COMMON_CLK_MAX77802 enabled:
> 1) CONFIG_BIG_LITTLE enabled (default in exynos_defconfig)
> 2) CONFIG_BIG_LITTLE disabled
> In all 3 cases the secondary cores as well as the system resume fine.
> Can you please confirm if your kernel has a similar configuration ?

Adding in the missing dependency above, it's now working for me in all 3
scenarios. Looking back at the cover letter, I see it's clearly listed
as a dependency.  Sorry, my fault.

Feel free to add

Tested-by: Kevin Hilman <khilman at linaro.org>

to $SUBJECT series.


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