[PATCH 0/2] ARM: OMAP3+: VCVP mapping fixes to get DVFS working

Tero Kristo t-kristo at ti.com
Fri Oct 10 06:40:40 PDT 2014


Seems like MPU DVFS does not scale the voltages currently with DT boot,
due to missing mapping between regulator -> VCVP. Fixed this by adding
support for platform data in the TWL regulator DT case + adding platform
data quirk for the same.

Tested on omap3-beagle by measuring the MPU voltage rail.

OMAP4+ platforms do not currently register DVFS regulator, so this set by
itself does not fix OMAP4 (needs the TPS MPU regulator added to DT etc.
for OMAP4460.)


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