[PATCH 0/8] arm64 kexec kernel patches

Geoff Levand geoff at infradead.org
Tue May 13 15:26:55 PDT 2014

Hi Mark,

Thanks for taking the time to review the patches in such detail.

On Fri, 2014-05-09 at 17:22 +0100, Mark Rutland wrote:

> As I've covered in my reply to patch 7 [1] I don't think this is a good
> approach. I think a vastly better approach is to make kexec depend on
> cpu hotplug support in SMP, and enable a simple hotplug-capable boot
> protocol (e.g. extend spin-table with a cpu-return-addr).
> That way the in-kernel portions of kexec can use the existing
> infrastructure without tonnes of point hacks, and we enable a generic
> hotplug capable mechanism for those systems which cannot implement PSCI.

I think this is a sound approach.  As I was working on the kexec code I
felt the same, that the core SMP CPU management should be doing more and
kexec should just use that existing support.

I'll look into splitting off what spin-table handling I have in kexec
into a patch to update the hotplug support.
> >   https://git.linaro.org/people/geoff.levand/kexec-tools.git
> Is the master branch up-to-date?  The commit dates on all branches I can
> see imply they haven't been updated in a while, and the code looks like
> it needs some cleanup (there are some unused functions, hard-coded
> values, etc).

I'm working on the cleanup of kexec-tools now.  I pushed out a version
that should boot vanilla 2nd stage kernels and the branches in my repo.


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