[PATCH 1/5] serial: imx: remove unneeded imx_transmit_buffer() from imx_start_tx()

Huang Shijie b32955 at freescale.com
Sun May 11 23:53:12 PDT 2014

于 2014年05月12日 14:40, Dirk Behme 写道:
> On 12.05.2014 08:30, Huang Shijie wrote:
>> 于 2014年05月12日 13:45, Dirk Behme 写道:
>>> On 12.05.2014 05:40, Huang Shijie wrote:
>>>> 于 2014年05月09日 23:19, dean_jenkins at mentor.com 写道:
>>>>> Use imx_start_tx() just to enable the TX interrupt. It's the job 
>>>>> of the
>>>>> TX interrupt ISR to fill the transmit buffer, then. If the transmit
>>>>> buffer
>>   From the Documentation/serial/driver, we can see:
>>     -----------------------------------------
>>      start_tx(port)
>>       Start transmitting characters.
>>      -----------------------------------------
>> It tells us we can transmit data in the imx_start_tx.
> Well, it depends how you read 'Start transmitting', no?
> It doesn't have to mean 'actually transmit data'. It talks about 
> 'start'. And this could also mean 'start the transmission (by enabling 
> the interrupt)'.
Ok :)
I do not object this patch.

My opinion is : If the third patch is redundant, could this patch still 

>> But this patch moves it to the interrupt handler,
> It doesn't 'move' any code to the interrupt handler. The code in the 
> interrupt handler is already there.
i knew it.

>> this patch makes the
>> interrupt handler do more jobs.
> ... to get the locking in the correct order.
again, the third patch can be ignored.
The locking is correct for the imx.c.

Huang Shijie

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